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please reply clutch vibration
just taken delivery of my new 2013 1.6 hdi xtr.
I have a problem with the clutch, I feels like there is a lump on the release bearing, when the pedal is pressed it vibrates through your foot, dealer tells me all berlingos do this, do you have this vibration?,
or is the dealer filling me with male cow waste.
My new car also pulls to the left as well, quite severely this is also normal according to the dealer

please reply as im going back to the dealer on27th dec and would like to present that x amount of owners don't have these problems,

2009 1.6 90hp diesel . the clutch is about the lightest and smoothest i have ever had. doesn't pull to the left unless the camber is bad.
Hello medion welcome to the forum take it back to the dealer vibrating clutch pulling to the left is wrong did you test drive a berlingo be for you ordered one did it pull to the left or clutch vibrate would you have ordered one i bet not be firm but polite if they will not help ring citroen customer service that will move them along
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Hi there, shame you have issues with your new car, don't fe fobbed off, the car should have neither fault.
I have neither of these problems on my 2012 model ...

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
(20-12-2013, 10:56 PM)Trevor Wrote:  I have neither of these problems on my 2012 model ...

Nor me with my 2010 model
Sounds like a severe case of BS to me.
I would take it back and tell the dealer or better still the proprietor of the dealership that your new car is not fit for purpose.
If they persist in this entirely fictional explanation and refuse to either address the problems or exchange the vehicle for one that actually performs correctly you might want to take it to another dealer for a second opinion. Then give Citroen UK head office a ring and tell them what is occuring at that dealership.
REMEMBER Always remain polite civil and calm.
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Dealers ........:brickwall:

Its brand new , it should not have these or any faults.

"They all do it" , no they don't , if they did no one would buy them Confusedcratch:

Hope you get it sorted , just don't be too easy on them , just like me you need the van to work as it is your livelihood.

Mine 3 week old / 2k Mk3 doesn't do it. If they persist with it I'd get them to put it in writing & contact Citroen.
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Mine doesn't do either of them take it back and tell them to sort it or you will refuse to accept it

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