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crazy mpg
Hi all 3 weeks ago I bought a 2004 1.9 slugingo
drove it back home hmmm nice van a bit slow but 37mpg 100 mile run
gave it to my mechanic new belts new plugs new filters oil brakes cos I was planing to keep it a while
anyway after service temp 0 to + 5 100 mile run 38 mpg not impressed

off to halfords for some millers fuel addertive next 100 mile 0 to + 5 35mpg

right need time to calm down thinking give it a wash and put it on flea bay
anyway my son took my car this morning as I had bought a new push bike
and needed to do a 200 mile trip so I had to use the slugingo

and guess what never went above 60 2500revs 46.4 to the gallon

YOU TELL ME is it doing it to wind me up
How many miles on the clock have you plug a diagnostic in and checked any fault codes? If it's been serviced with all the filters there's nothing else I could suggest.
my mechanic is x Peugeot and he's got a disc that he puts in a laptop to diagnose any faults . non shown
87,000 miles

the point ime trying to make is I thought it should do 40+ easy
not mid thirties it's only a small van that will never get a speeding ticket
and I presumed it was designed to plod about with good mpg
Not forgetting it's the most unaerodynamic vehicle on the planet, stick to 60 or the mpg suffers badly.
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
I understand what your saying yes I would of thought you should be getting around 50 mpg without really trying.
Seeing as Citroen only say you get combined mpg of 40 out of a 1.9 your figures are about right especially as its nine years old.

Fuel/oil/air filter change will help as will changing the oil, remove roof bars , lighten the van as much as possible, check your tracking and tyre pressures are correct, keeping your speed and rpm down will help (most cars/vans are most efficent at 56mph in your highest gear) , don't accererlate up hills and try to avoid stop/start traffic.
The upside is that the engine should go forever and it is simple to maintain. Feather feet should improve the mpg and look to blanking off the egr valve to keep the crap out of the engine. (Recycled exhaust gasses full of black soot that combines with the oil fumes sucked in by the engine breather).

Short shifting works best, don't try to drive it like a petrol or turbo engine always use the highest gear for the speed you are doing but don't labour the engine.
So where does this bit go then ?
the 1.9 was never that good on fuel in the real world expect as low as 35mpg up to 40mpg.

the later hdi engines are much better on fuel but not as simple/cheap to repair as the 1.9 when they go wrong!
is it worth blanking the erg valve on a non Turbo 1.9

or just blanking the two rubber pipes that feed the erg valve

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