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Condensation inside light cover
Notice today that I've got a lot of condensation inside the drivers side light cover. Anyone know how I can remove it, dry it out, replace it and - hopefully - stop it happening again?
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Remove the light, carefully slice off the lens with a hobby knife by cutting through the sealant.

Pare away most of the sealant and dry the body in a warm oven (60°C, for example). Reseal with polyurethane sealant, not silicone, and tape the lens firmly in place until cured 24 hours. Refit the assembly.
check if your rubber grommets are fitted ok on the back, remove side light bulb and put lights on to see if it dries out or remove big bulb and try and get hair dryer to dry it out
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If you mean inside the headlight, This is mentioned in the car handbook & it is said not to be a problem.

I see you have a Pug but on p136 of Berlingo handbook, 'changing a bulb' it says 'condensation is normal inside headlamp glass'. I can't see a problem. the light unit is not airtight. If you arrive home on a cold night, once the headlights are switched off the inside is likely to condensate.
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Had same problem, it disappeared by itself.
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Picked up my new berlingo just before christmas and have had condensation problems in the headlights from the first week. Brought it back to Citroen and they have order me a new set of headlights which they will fit for me by the end of this week. I asked was it a fault with the new berlingos and was told it wasn't, but they must have had a bad batch produced.
There made of polycarbonate prone to condensation put the head lights on next time your out driving that should help dry it out do it every time you see the condensation
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(21-01-2014, 10:14 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  There made of polycarbonate prone to condensation put the head lights on next time your out driving that should help dry it out do it every time you see the condensation

Surly they shouldn't have any condensation. Eventually the inside lens would be stained with watermarks which you can't remove. And I'm sure it wouldn't pass an Mot when it comes round to it if they found condensation on the inside of the headlight as it could alter the beam pattern.

Mine were quite bad covering up to half the headlight from the bottom.

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