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Noise from rear drums
Well lads have a problem with the rear drum shoes on my berlingo, Theres is a crunching and squell from the brakes under harsh braking It is not due to wear there is atleast 6 left on the shoes i was told to put a chamfer at the edges of the shoes but didnt solve the problem... Anyone know a cure???????
Have you deglazed both shoes & drums.Any contamination?
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
The Berlingo rear drum brake unit is very prone to moisture/ salt / grit contamination, I have never owned a car that is more prone to it....My original Berlingo factory fitted brake shoes lasted 12 years and 95000 miles, never wore down one little bit, and in all that time they would squeal loudly during the first 4/5 brake applications after you had parked up overnight having driven the day before in heavy rain or a thick fog during the night, moisture would absorb into the shoes overnight and rust would form in the drums , and in the morning the loud squeal would disappear after a few brake applications would dry the linings out. The problem was worse if I had driven on a gritted/salted road, the next morning the first few brake applications would result in a loud crunching grinding noise as rust/moisture, and road salt which would form/gather overnight in the drums would lessen after a few brake apps. Three months ago, a wheel cylinder started leaking, and soaked the N/S/R shoes, surprisingly, this also caused a loud grinding noise from that drum during braking. Now I have fitted 2 new wheel cylinders and a set of shoes and all is quiet.
Could you explain deglazing neaver heard of it lad??
Use a fine grit paper and rub evenly over the surface to remove the shiny finish on the friction material.
(03-01-2014, 01:44 AM)mackinsberlingo Wrote:  Could you explain deglazing neaver heard of it lad??
My Car INFO:
2005 Mod
Volum: 1360 KW: 55 HK: 75 Fuel: Gasoline

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