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Thoughts for 2014....
After having had my 1.6 TDi M59 for three years I had a look around the
market at various replacements. I looked at the Mk.3 and the Mercedes Citan Traveller (Very nice btw, but too dear)
and I've come to the conclusion that I'll be hanging on to mine for the foreseeable future and I will simply repair it as
and when required. It's still the cheapest option overall. What it's worth is really irrelevant if I hang on to it.
I lost more in depreciation on my Passat Diesel estate in three years than this ol' girl will ever cost me and to be honest
I still enjoy driving the Berlingo.
I'm very tempted to take a holiday in the Vosges in France, drop the car off at Dangel and get a 4x4 conversion and
hire a motorcycle until the job is done. Yes...I can dream......but wouldn't this be rather nice?:
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I know what you mean OJ.It's a variation of "if it ain't broke,don't fix it".I had the same thought last year & decided to keep the Berlingo.
They grow on you,a bit like a wart.:whistle::thumbsup:
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What's so special about the Dangel 4wd kit?

In that Clip they drive the Pug on some rough roads, but...
I drove my GS on much, much worse tractor trails back in the early 90s when I was out and about With the camera Club.
And the road to the Construction site where my BX was backed over by a big 6WD dump-truck was only built to be driven on With big 4WDs and Heavy machinery, too.

The most important requirement for handling rough roads is ground clearance, which the Berlingo and Partner unfortunately doesn't have too much of.
The second is a locking diff. (That I would really like on my Berlingo... )
Actual 4WD isn't all that important, really, if you get that diff locker.
The Dangel conversion raises the vehicle to 200mm. ( almost 8 inches). A limited slip differential is
part of the conversion. If it wasn't any good the company would not have been in business for so long.
I believe that the Norwegian Postal Service used the Dangel converted Berlingos.
But the thought was in my dreams as Dangel only convert new vehicles and my 2006 isn't very new!
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The Norwegian post mostly ran Pugs, not Berlingos.
As far as I know, there were no major complaints about the 4WD models.

Limited slip diffs are better than normal diffs when fighting obstacles, but a Complete Lock beats everything.
(I only want a locking diff for getting loose from piled up snow in the Winter.)
Pug Partner and Berlingos are the same car. It is just a dream.................
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Glad to hear your keeping it, I also get the same thoughts about upgrading to something newer but my berlingo does everything I want it to do. Remember it's better the car you know than the car you don't know.

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