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[Filters & Oil] Turbo Problems
Having read on the forum about some 1.6 HDi engines suffering Turbo problems and the suggestion this can be caused by the incorrect engine oil being used I was wondering if this applied only to vehicles with a DPF fitted.

My reason for asking is that I have recently purchased a 2009 Berlingo VTR Multi Space which fortunately does not have a DPF fitted. I know that before I purchased it the oil and filter was changed using semi-synthetic oil, although I am not sure of its specification.

I have in the past owned a Picasso 1.6 HDi 06 reg, and I do not remember this being a problem at that time, so was wondering if this problem has only arisen with vehicles with DPF fitted?

Not sure whether to change the oil and filter to be on the safe side.

thanks John
Just do it!!! Get your oil from Neilsons, they're as cheap as anyone and deliver to your door.
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I second ol' Jeffers , has to be done.

Any doubt on oil condition maybe put a flushing additive through too, and let it drain for as long as possible , preferably overnight if you can.

The turbo issue is the gauze strainer on the oil supply pipe , neglected servicing or wrong oil with cause a build up of sludge.

Use the correct grade of oil and a quality filter , sure you wont have a problem.

Total Quartz Ineo ecs is low saps oil better for engines with dpf. Total Quartz 9000 can be used for non dpf 1.6hdi. These are both fully synthetic oils. Quartz 7000 is semi synthetic. If you check Total website all 3 oils are suitable for 1.6hdi but low saps oil is better for dpf engines. If you don't know what oil was used it might be an idea to change oil/filter then you will know. There is a specific oil drain procedure, ensure whoever changes oil is aware of it. Total is Citroen recommend but any correct spec oil is ok, I would stick with major brand. Any oil company website has oil finder on it, input your reg no. & it will give you correct spec of their oil to use.
If your engine has a DPF then don't use Quartz 7000. The DPF will die!
It's easiest to stick with the right stuff! If PSA B71 2290 appears on the
bottle it's fine....
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Thanks for all your help am going to order the Total Quartz Ineo ecs 5w-30 from Neilsons. Any suggestions about the filter or would you get one from the Citroen Agent. I was going to change the oil and filter myself, opensauce, when you said there is a specific oil drain procedure do you know what it is or how I can find out?

Really appreciate the advise from both of you..
Oil change procedure here .
Opensauce, Thanks for the info on oil change procedure. Where do you normally get you filters from?
Try GSF or Eurocarparts.:thumbsup:
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Thanks very much

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