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how do you change the fuel sender on berlingo van?
Hi everyone.

I have a 05 berlingo van and the fuel gauge doesnt truly display the amount of fuel in the tank.

I have bought a new fuel sender but am unsure how to approach the repair. Where is the sender located and how is best to access it? Do i need to drain the tank before removing it?

Many thanks.
Yes, you need to empty the tank best you can. The sender is accessed from above the tank after you lower it down.
what do you suggest is the best way to drain the tank? It's difficult to judge how low the fuel really is as the gauge is faulty. lol
You can syphon out the fuel but be aware that the entry to the tank at low level has non return type device fitted which can make it fiddly to get the pipe inside, not that fiddly though. Anyway it is preferable to have the vehicle parked / jacked such that the entry is at a lower level to the rest of the tank to allow the greatest amount to be syphoned out, so doing makes it easier to drop the tank down.
When my wife filled my 1.9D with petrol recently the van was parked with the tank entry at the highest point rather than the lowest point which meant I could only syphon a quarter of the tank out and had to disconnect the entry pipe at the base of the tank as well - a nuisance as the potential for spillage is much increased and whilst I personally wouldn't have fretted too much about the environment the thought of the fuel dissolving my nice new tarmac drive caused me much concern !
I haven't dropped a tank on a Berlingo but when doing the same on a Land Rover I use a trolley jack to support and raise / lower the tank and it works well in this application even with a full tank, perhaps a similar approach might work for you though of course I am talking about a steel tank versus a plastic one.
i ran out of diesel on the way to work this morning!!!! sitting under a bridge in the freezing cold on the buy M4 motorway at rush hour traffic is making this job a priority!
Until you fix it,keep the tank as full as poss.I ran a Ford Consul for 2 years using this method & never ran out.Fill tank & refill 2-300 miles & you won't run out.:thumbsup:
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