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Running on 3 cylinders when hot (coilpack fixed it)
When my berlingo gets hot it starts working on 3 cylinders. Took me 4 stops today to wait for it to cool down to at least 70c before I can carry on driving again at full power. The same story happened before Christmas but I thought something must have gotten wet from all those puddles. I end up drying up the spark plugs and coilpack in case they were wet but they werent. Plus the coil pack is a whole sealed unit and no water can get in by the looks of it.

Anyway I got spark plug replacement on my list and possibly cleaning the injectors somehow. Anybody experienced similar issue and found out what caused it? I figured I ask here in case it's a known problem. It's 1.6 16v
I would change the plugs as a cheap fix.Then progress to coilpack/lead testing/ replacement.Bad plugs can damage to coil pack.Confusedalut:
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I put different plugs, car drove fine for 15min then just when I thought I fixed it, started running on 3 cylinders again. A lot of people asked similar questions on different cars and some end up fixing their fault by replacing the injector, but they didnt get the same symptoms as me. Example car runs fine up to 3500rpm or above 3000rpm (some dual injector bullshit). It's got to be a coil pack i guess. Now i have to find where to get one where i can try it before i buy it.
Almost certainly a faulty coil pack.
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Just to let everyone know who stumble in this thread in the future, I replaced the coilpack and the problem is solved. Car is running fine after x2 30min drives so i don't suspect any problem to occur. It would have sucked if the coil pack was fine and I had to tackle the injectors next. This definitely saved me more wasted time and headaches.

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