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whining noise from engine please help!!
Hey everyone i recently just bought a 04 1.9 berlingo, and tonight i whining noise just came out of no were, if i press the clutch down it goes away when i drive its there and the faster i drive the louder it goes, theres no smell from the engine, anybody any idea on what it could be??
At a guess diff bearings
diff bearings could you explain more breifly please, thanks for the reply
on front wheel drive vehicles the gearbox also contains the differential and this can be a week point especially on high mileage vehicles.

If the noise is constant and not in any particular gear it is usually the diff bearings. However, they can wine for years and many miles before they give up. Try draining the gearbox oil and check for metal particles. refill with fresh oil and some molyslip this may help.
thanks for the reply, the noise when it started was really high pitched as if a fan belt got wet, then after a while it went away, then it came back again, not as loud but u can still hear it when the car is in idle. i was thinking would it be a fan belt bearing or some sort because the noise is comeing from were the fan belt is or around that area (it was dark and i couldn see lol), i just want to try the easy routes before i get a mechanic to do it
sounds more like idler pulley if its from that area.
would that be a expensive fix? and would that be still the problem even if when i press the clutch the noise stops and when i release it come back?? i was looking around online some people were saying it could be a release bearing, but as there is no smell i cancelled that out???
could be the release bearing very difficult on line to tell - take it to a good mechanic
ok, when i find out what it was il post it on this Smile
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Not a release bearing, they get noisy when you depress the clutch if they are worn. If the noise goes up and down with engine revs when stationary then it's not the diff or the gearbox. I would look for a dirty or contaminated alternator belt or knackered bearings on the idler or tensioner.
It is surprising how much noise can be generated by a bit of antifreeze on a fan belt.

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