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rear axle repair
There's much said and to be found on the internet about rear axles of Berlingo's being worn resulting in tilting of the rear wheels. Top side in, down side out. I think the best way to go forward is just to replace the whole rear axle and arms with a reconditioned one. Not a used one as they all have this problem as far as I can conclude from what I read on the internet. Some people make a good business out of this bad designed rear axle too by offering reconditioned ones and take the old ones in. Happy for them.

However, there also exist repair kits, including or not the shaft. Removing the wheel arm bearings is not the most difficult thing, but most probably, but maybe not always, also the shaft has been corroded. Removing the shaft seems to be very difficult if you do not have the right tools.

A bearing set costs around 20gbp, including the beam shaft already around 70gbp and then you need two sets, while a reconditioned axle costs around 300gbp.

So, before I am thinking of to order a reconditioned one, I would like to see first whether it's just the bearings. If so, it's worthwhile just to replace them and leave the rest as is. That would save me some hard earned money.

Long story, but now coming to the point:
The only thing that I need to be sure of is whether the beam, arms or the hub mounts themselves may be bent, or is that unlikely?


You would be trying hard to bend them - construction is very substantial.

Removal of the shafts is impossible without the right tools. Well, not quite, but you would need a carbide hacksaw blade and a week of spare time.
Btw, I bought this berlingo just a few weeks ago as a sort of project as the management light was on, car in limp mode, some knocking in the engine support etc.
The rear axle I didn't really check but the owner mentioned that the rear axle had been replace not too long ago. I checked the invoice for that and there seems to be a reconditioned rear axle mounted from, not even a year ago. I am not sure whether I can mention names here, but it shivers me timbers as I have to replace the whole rear axle while the previous is less than 1 year old.
Either the car has been misused or the refurbishement is just rubish, or combination. There is no guarantee given on the rear axle from the when the car is transferred to a new owner, so complaining makes no sense I suppose. It's even unclear how long the warranty period is.

What I read from their website, they do all sorts of things, so rear axle reconditioning is not their core business.

Any recommendations of suppliers of reconditioned rear axles?
Why not try them to see if they will cover it you have nothing to lose give them the reg date it was done see what they say
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We used IM Axle Specialists who sell on ebay. Price is £250 for refurb or from £290 for new both plus £50 for shipping. Service was good and axle well presented. Comes with 12 month warranty and guess ours has been on for 18 months now with no issues.
I have contacted and they offred 100gbp discount when I would order another axle. No warranty given as stated in the terms and conditions when the car is sold on. They also offered to take a short video of the axle with new shafts and bearings before it would be assembled and shipped. That would make 250gbp incl. shipping and 2 years warranty. I think I will go for that.

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