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Window Tint
Thinking of tinting the rear windows of my XTR for some added security (and looks) for when my bikes are in the back for cycle racing etc.
Anybody got an idea of the cost for doing this?
I had mine done here

paid about £200.

[Image: 468399_10151671380860631_1063914851_o.jpg]
anytime i've got a car done its normally £30-40 per window, complex curves cost a bit more, Seen the fella heating the film on the screen with the blowlamp for 5 seconds, thinking to myself hope it didnt affect the surrounding paintwork.
(11-02-2014, 09:40 AM)jamesg Wrote:  I had mine done here

paid about £200.

[Image: 468399_10151671380860631_1063914851_o.jpg]

What % tint was that you used?- looks good! I dont want to go for the complete "Limo look" just slightly darker- At night you wont be able to see through it anyway.....
i done the 4 rear side windows in my mk2 but had the rear done by a expert as it was curved. i was a bit worried but as they came out it wasnt hard.dont go too light as i went for the next shade up from limo and its easy to see out at night and just about right to stop people from looking in. he charged £40 for the rear door and done me a free tinted top to my front screen.
I was quoted £150 in Wigan for the two sliding doors, two rear quarter lights and the tailgate at :-

2012 Berlingo XTR 110 in Iron Grey

Money cannot buy you happiness but it far better to cry in Ferrari than on a bicycle
From past experience I'd expect about £150. I plan to get rear hatch & windows done in the spring.
2015 Cactus Feel BlueHDi
2014 Dispatch Van LWB
Ex 2013 Berlingo XTR 1.6HDi 115 owner
(11-02-2014, 12:07 PM)peteh80 Wrote:  What % tint was that you used?- looks good! I dont want to go for the complete "Limo look" just slightly darker- At night you wont be able to see through it anyway.....

That was done with SunTek Carbon 18%. It's still very light inside, I like the look of 5% (limo) film from the outside but was concerned it would make the interior too dark having previously sat in one done in 5%. I think 5% would blend in better with the black dot matrix at the edge of the windows however.

The side windows in the doors were removed along with the window catches to avoid a slit cut in the film. Cheap film goes purple over time, so make sure they use a good film. SunTek is good.
I bought a kit of ebay that was precut, Both side windows each side and the rear window which I didn't fit as it got tangled up and thrown in the bin.
Limo tint for me.

[Image: WP_000035_zps6d3958af.jpg]
Would you need to notify your insurer as I seem to remember threads about this some time ago?

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