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Tiny filter necessary for Advance Solenoid Actuator Valve?
Well, hopefully, after replacing this little part for 550 shekels, my diesel leak should be gone, and my kilometers per liter should be a bit more respectable.

1.9d, DW8, 2004. Just 2 months ago I had the fuel pump rebuilt (too expensive to replace those over here!) I'm sure the pump had been leaking, but the real problem was - it was getting pretty unreliable at starting the Lingo!

My first question is: the tiny little filter - it's for the tip of the actuator - do we always use those? Pros and cons?

Here's a pic, filter next to a USB drive for the computer:
[Image: 2hgqv4k.jpg]

Second: Previous owner obviously noticed the poor performance in the original fuel pump. But instead of rebuilding it or replacing it, he just installed an extra fuel pump - a pre-pump pump. Here it is below - mounted on the left side of the engine compartment - should I leave it or bypass it now?
[Image: ie10u0.jpg]

Here's my new Actuator:
[Image: e8rj1h.jpg]

And here's an ebay photo of the part. The tiny white filter is supposed to sit on the tip, to the right side of the photo:
[Image: 200zedz.jpg]
[Image: 177657.png]   2004 1.9D DW8 WJY with black spray paint on wheels instead of flimsy plastic wheel covers.
Hi.The only suggestion I have is that manufacturers'don't fit things that are not needed.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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Don't see how it works , when the solenoid is activated the solenoid pushes the advance ring in the pump. I don't think there is any way that it needs a filter.
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Good point, ron. But brodfather11, good point that the solenoid is a "pusher:" is it possible that this little plastic thing is not a filter, but rather a bushing for the "pusher?"
[Image: 177657.png]   2004 1.9D DW8 WJY with black spray paint on wheels instead of flimsy plastic wheel covers.
Perhaps the reason for the extra pump is that the fuel pump in the tank has died.

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Romahomepete: You might be right. Hadn't thought of that. The fuel pump in the engine was having trouble pulling gas from the tank.
Now the engine pump has been rebuilt so no more hassles with starts on an uphill, etc.

So the extra pump might have been either to supplement the other 2 pumps, or to replace the tank pump.
[Image: 177657.png]   2004 1.9D DW8 WJY with black spray paint on wheels instead of flimsy plastic wheel covers.

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