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Starte motor intermittant?sometimes works then ....
Hi Folks,new to the forum so thanks for having me....I have quite recently(6months) bought a great Y reg Berlingo diesel estate,it is a great vehicle but I have a problem some members may have come accross.the starter motor works 90% of the time then for no reason whatsoever I turn the key and NOTHING! quick push and the diesel engine starts fine,turn it off and it starts! it can then go on for weeks and then from out of nowhere it does it again.any ideas PLEASE..ray::S
Have a look at the other thread on the same subject.

Mine did this twice and it was the starter motor failing. I replaced it and it's been fine since.
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Thanks for it a big job to fit the new starter motor?cheers Ray
Have you done the checks? Don't throw money away by changing the starter needlessly.Confusedalut:
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Hi Ron what are the "checks"I am not a mechanic but willing to learn.. thanks for your interest in my problem.Smile
(14-02-2014, 07:43 PM)ron Wrote:  Have you done the checks? Don't throw money away by changing the starter needlessly.Confusedalut:
Hi, when it doesn't turn, can you hear a click from the starter solenoid? I wrote this yesterday on the post Tucker refers to above:

'This sounds like the old problem that used to affect lots of older Peugeot 205s and others. As wiring gets older it's electrical resistance becomes greater until sometimes there's not enough current to fully activate the starter solenoid.

The solution was always to bypass the long run of wiring to the ignition switch. Run a positive feed direct from battery +ve to the little terminal on the starter solenoid via a relay that is switched by the ignition feed from the starter switch.

In addition, do as Ron says while you're at it. It's all good news.

This means lots more oomph will activate the solenoid fully bridging the heavy duty starter contacts and starting the car. No more 'click' and nothing else!

Lots cheaper than a new starter too.'
Hi Thanks for that click or dimming of dash lights whatsoever just Nothing....
If it's got a high mileage on it, it might be bad contacts on the ignition switch itself.
When the fault appears, keep the key twisted in the start position and try moving the the key slightly in different directions. If it starts you have found your fault.
Also check the connection to the the starter solenoid.:thumbsup:
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I don't know where the starter is on the 1.9d.

On mine it was just a bit awkward to access, but it's 3 bolts and a couple of electrical connections, so not a difficult job to swap starters.
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