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Sump plug disaster!
In keeping with my new aim in life - to repair and service my own cars as much as possible, I decided to change the oil and filter yesterday.

It turned into a bit of a mare! All was going well until I put the sump plug back in and it wouldn't tighten fully.

I removed it to find the sump thread was stripped! If I have a fault it's that I seem to have a habit of occasionally shredding threads!! Is it just me??

Several swear words later I realised I was a bit screwed if you pardon the pun. What a cock up.... and the car was now out of action. I was thinking I'll need it drilling and re-threading or worse still a new sump.

Luckily one of my neighbours runs an independent parts outlet and he said they sell a universal sump bung for such situations. I managed to get one and it clamps to the inside of the sump like a plasterboard plug works.

Fitted it and so far so good. No leaks and looks to have solved the mess!! Huge sigh of relief!!
Sounds like a lucky escape...
What is the long-term solution?
Sump from breakers sounds a good move.
Or just don't change the oil again?
The universal plug should only be used for a temporary repair.

Second hand sump to me is the only get out for this problem, I like things tight as well but I've never stripped a sump!!
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Old sage once told me:-

"Only tighten until the thread strips, than back off half-a-turn"
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I never got it tight so must have cross threaded.

It slackens off, so the oil can still be dropped in future.

I'm intending leaving it as it is. It's nice and tight and the only detrimental difference I can see is it hangs marginly lower, so there's a risk to it if the car is grounded.

Changing sump looks very messy as it's penned in by the exhaust which has to come off the cat to access it.

Can you not get access to the threaded hole, borrow a tap and tap it out larger diameter. Use a set-screw type bolt and copper washers to replace old sump plug and effect a seal.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
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Yes, I can access it with the front jacked up, so that is certainly possible and something I'll probably look at for the long term.

I never used a tap and die though, so might be better getting someone who's done it before to help.
did ya not put it hand tight first?

i donno how people manage it. same with spark plugs
Yes, did it by hand first. Just clumbsy I think??

You can actually buy a solution may be like locktite ?? that will create a tight seal on a new sump plug and will give you piece of mind. I used it on my motorbike and it worked a treat. Just a thought !!
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