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Clutch sitting high not slipping and is finding gears easy
My clutch in my year 2000 1.9d Berlingo is sitting high the biting point is perfect it goes into gear perfect i just don't know if it's my clutch or my cable or what could it be?

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If the clutch works with no slip,I would suspect the cable adjuster.Replace to be safe.Confusedalut:
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But it's not an adjustable cable?...could the cable stretch over time letting the clutch sit higher?

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A stretched cable could be the prob.As before,change it & see.Cheaper than stripping out a possibly good clutch.Confusedalut:
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If the cable had stretched wouldn't the clutch bite lower down as you would have to take up the slack in the cable first Confusedcratch:
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Not if the pedal rises to take up the slack.Spring assisted.Confusedalut:
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Could it be the release bearing?

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No,it won't affect the pedal height.
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On the 96 models and later ones , the clutch cable has an automatic adjuster halfway on its length and sits behind the crossmember behind the sump. This is set when the cable is installed .
Hardly this cable because this is the one in mine? [Image: 2yjaba8a.jpg]

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