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First Gear
2.0Hdi 2005 . 150 K miles. Had the clutch replaced 10K miles ago.
Now intermittently difficult to select first gear, sometimes other gears but mainly first.
Also sometimes gets stuck in first gear.
When hot/stuck in traffic pulling away becomes difficult without judder.
Not sure if thats related.
Took it back to clutch place and they don't think its the clutch, they changed the gearbox oil for free.
Still doing it.
Any thoughts anyone ?
It sounds like clutch drag to me.Adjustment,oil contamination or warped centre plate spring to mind.Only my opinion,for what it's worth.Confusedalut:
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Had this sort of problem a few years ago, turned out to be oil on the clutch. Oil causes the clutch plate to stick to the flywheel and make selecting gears difficult. Garage said the seal had gone on the Crankshaft. New clutch and seals cured it anyway so that was that. Can't remember how much it cost.
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I think it's clutch drag making the plate's get hot making it expand and hard to get in and out of gear the judder may all so be the plate's getting hot there expanding causing uneven pressure or oil on them.
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