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Does anyone else suffer with the sun in the eyes scenario early in the morning and in the evening?
(Yes, I know, this is Britain in the summer but the sun does shine. Sometimes!)
As my van does not have a rear-view mirror there is a large gaping hole between the sun-visors, just right for when the sun decides to shine low in the sky.
The answer; a sunstrip.
(Fleabay to the rescue, again.)
Less than £4.
Free delivery.
20 minutes to fit.
Does the job.
[Image: 2vj287r.jpg]
[Image: 2hnpcat.jpg]
[Image: 2qapqxh.jpg]
Think it looks good, too.
Doesn't seem much, but narrows the Berlingo deep windscreen just enough.

No need to thank me.
[+] 2 users say Thank You to j90xxx for this post
Looks like an easy fix. Aren't rear view mirrors mandatory? Always assumed they were since I've never seen a car without one.

2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
I just use the visor when required.

I suspect at 6ft 2, a permanent strip like that for me will be part in my eye-line, but it looks a good solution otherwise.
Looking good, but shouldnt it have yours and the missus name above the drivers seat and passenger seat..... remember them back in the 80's?? showing my age now.

Just wondered how you would get by without removing the rear view mirror if you had one. ?
Multispace 1.9D Mystery Machine.
(22-06-2011, 10:38 AM)3rensho Wrote:  Looks like an easy fix. Aren't rear view mirrors mandatory? Always assumed they were since I've never seen a car without one.


Not sure they will be mandatory as there's nothing to see through it if the bulk head is boxed up?

I'm sure there are vehicles out there that are build with no rear view at all, so I would guess not??
My transit dosent have one and its been like that since i picked it up new.

sent from a telephone that resembles a well known chocolate bar, dosen't taste like it though!
1.9d Mk2 (M59/BE4/5) with battle scars from a conservatory attack. Previously owned a 1.4i Mk2 Forte.Confusedalut:
I have made a few enquries about sunstrips for advertising on. I asked how low i could go on the windscreen and the PSV centre told me that as long as the sweep of the wiper blades did not touch it, it would be fine. If the wiper blades did touch it you will be asked to remove it before the vehicle will be passed.

2004 Berlingo 600 Enterprise
Confusedafesex: If in doubt flat out!!Confusedafesex:
I have a sunstrip on my Berlingo and also on my Impreza, we must have real friendly MOT tester's down here as my wipers touch the strip on both cars and I have never had to remove them and they are tested at two different stations.
"from mild to wild"
Quote:Does anyone else suffer with the sun in the eyes scenario early in the morning and in the evening?

Yes, I do. But I don't really fancy one of those sunstrip things, since I like big windows, and "sun-just-above-the-horizon-straight-ahead" doesn't actually happen very often.

When it does, I just close my eyes. So far, I haven't hit anything.Big Grin
How does it affix to the windscreen? i bought one of those that you coat with a solution of washing up liquid and slide easily into place - easily my sharny a*se!! You have never seen such a mess, water bubbles and limp sunstrip all over me and the interior - at that point my patience wore thin and the thing went out the window.................but I'd still like one

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