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[Engine] '51 hdi van won't rev over 2000 when cold
Hi all,

I've started to get a recurring problem. Every morning my van bill not rev over 2000 rpm when cold. Eventually as it gets to a good running temperature it goes back to normal though it still seems a little gutless. Getting embarrassing as there is a hill I have to go up at 15 mph!!

I also have a problem that if I go through a large puddle on the near side something happens to put the van into get you home mode. It takes a good hour of very slow driving but eventually it will clear but can't help thinking it's all some way connected.

Please help. No one seems to know an answer!!

Thanks NicoH1974
The first problem : get back to basics and ensure the air and fuel filters are in good order ( new ) and have a good slug of injector cleaner run through the system and see from there.

Try and keep it simple to start with and then you can get deeper if needed, free and simple checks first every time.

Do you have any further information , mileage, how does it run generally, mpg achieved, is the EGR ok and or disabled with inlet tract cleaned out , etc etc as it helps form an opinion.

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