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Exhaust blowing noise from rear of engine
So after realising my odd noise (just like a blowing exhaust) was coming from the rear of the engine I`m guessing EGR valve etc.

The noise is only there when I`m coasting or very light throttle. Under load the noise stops. So i`m guessing the noise is there when the EGR valve is open?

Has anyone else had these symptoms? Can the solenoid allow gasses to escape as i`ve read on here that a loose airbox can wear through it.

Any help and suggestions appreciated. Hoping to have a half day tomorrow to take a look.

Have experienced one coming loose before & blowing.
When the airbox wears through the EGR it wears through the plastic cover not the valve it self. From what you are saying the EGR sounds like it is working if the noise goes when the EGR closes. If you remove the air box you should be able to see the pipe from the EGR any leaks should be visible with black soot or oil.
Problem discovered today during an oil change and Air filter swap .

The EGR Valve heat exchanger has broken at the flange which attaches it to the EGR valve. A new heat exchanger and coolant swap will fix that. In the meantime i`ve held in in place with some tie wraps and used some "quick steel" which I`ve liberally coated the joint in. That should last me for a couple of days until the new part can be fitted.

Image attached.

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New EGR heat exchanger arrived today. Will fit ASAP along with the uprated metal airbox bracket I bought ages ago.

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New EGR heat exchanger fitted. Took around 1 hr. Didn`t have to empty the coolant as stated elsewhere. You lose about half a pint when undoing the hoses which I topped up when complete.

I got the new part from ebay for less than £40 quid.

Van is now a flying machine and much quieter.

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