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[Engine] glow plug question
I had the opportunity to use a OBD2 scanner from someone so i plugged it in on my 2005 mk2 1.6hdi

Found 1 code: P1351

Something to do with the glow plugs. So i measured them with ohm meter and 1 glow plug is 135 ohm and the rest 1 ohm. So I have 1 bad glow plug.

But it starts good so my question is: does it damage the engine by any way if i leave it like this? I am not looking forward to maybe break the plug during removal...
No your engine will be fine , glow plugs in the 1.6hdi engine do not operate unless it is seriously cold.

Simple job to replace them however if your after peace of mind , 15 quid and as there made of metal you shouldn't break it whilst removing it.

You will find as well that the eml will go out to of its own accord after 6 good starts
You need to change the plug.
Ok, thnx for the answers.

The eml light has never got on.
I only discovered the code by using the scanner on my car for fun. I got it for another vehicle so I thought why not plug it in on my mk2 Smile

Maybe 2 plugs need to go bad to set the light on...

Oh, and if I change the plug, do i need a reamer? Cant find it in 8mm....
To be sure I will use some copper paste too. But not sure yet if I will change it.
TBH if the cars is starting/running ok I would leave it alone, you would never have known about it had you not tried the reader. If however you begin to get starting problem you know where to look first.

TBH if the cars is starting/running ok I would leave it alone, you would never have known about it had you not tried the reader. If however you begin to get starting problems you know where to look first.

Oops edit error Smile

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Why on earth do you need a reamer?

Undo cable from top of glow plug

Undo and remove glow plug

Reverse to refit

Make the repair in good time to save you in the future.

Just ensure you don't over tighten with gorilla strong hands !

The last ones I bought ( NGK/NTN ) even came with tightening torque figure in the packaging.
I agree with Geoff plus removing when hot usually makes them easier to remove.Just don't burn your fingers.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Thnx guys.

About the reamer: ON the NGK website it was in the instructions, for me it was the first time I heard of it but then when you google, it seems it is good practice to use it...
But probably 90% of people that change a glow plug dont use it.

I will order the glow plug and when I feel to change it I will try to do it. Any advice on using copper paste or ceramic paste? I found Beru has some special grease to put on the threads.


Just put a small amount on the thread doesn't need to be too much.

The only reason you use it is too make it easier to remove next time

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