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Rough Starting
Car is a 2005/05 1.9 with DW8B/WJY series motor

Basically a plain vanilla IDI like XUD but with some electronic intervention in pump to meet emissions regs. Owned it from new.

Now on 140k miles and other than a clutch that failed down route in Shropshire at 100k and alternator that did same 6 months later in Sheffield it’s done 140k faultless miles. Always started at first turn of key and immediately idled smoothly.

Three weeks ago it went to my normally reliable and trustworthy Cit specialist for major service. Cambelt was replaced as well as fuel and air filters.

Since it came back it’s been ‘odd’ starting. Slightly hesitant even when warm. From cold it’s decidedly rough, misfiring for 5-15 seconds accompanied by grey smoke and smell of incompletely burned diesel. Once running though it’s fine and pulling like a train as usual. Trips to Liverpool and Leicester return normal fuel consumption and other performance.

If it had displayed the symptom spontaneously I'd have said glow plugs not right or, if not, air in fuel. Plugs were tested and pronounced OK for circuit, resistance and timing. Observation on start up showed small air bubbles passing down line filter to pump in second after start but not necessarily coincident with roughness.

It’s been back to garage three times and after a ‘no fault found’ diagnosis *2 it was kept overnight with fuel filter fitted at service being adjudged faulty and replaced.

On cold start this morning it was still as rough as a Badger’s backside for 10 secs with grey smoke etc

Ideas for cause and where do I go next please.
....back to the garage, I would suggest, as the problem is down to them.
Any other route would end up with you paying more. The fault *must* be
connected to the work carried out....often repairers claim that something else
is to blame and that any problem is coincidental. There seems to be a lot of coincidences
within the motor trade.
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I've had a load of bubbles in the fuel lines and curiously it made no difference to running, but it's not right so fix that. It was caused by a garage not putting the lid back on properly on the fuel filter.

Your symptoms are just what I had with valve clearances that were closed up. Misfire for a few minutes on start with white smoke, intermittent lumpy idle when warm and sitting in traffic. Though I can't see how that fits in with you timings and chain of events.

New belt could be a tooth out I guess? Not much margin for error there on piston/valve overlap though.
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