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New owner, Essex, Clueless
Hi all!

Just picked up my 2001 Berlingo and learning my way around it.

I've every intention of camping out of it, but it is also my small family's everyday car.

I'm clueless about cars, but very handy and creative and will have a go at anything - this will be an adventure!
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Welcome, and congratulations!

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step in the process of solving the problem. ;-)

So, a Mk. I?
(Nothing wrong with a Mk. I. I'm on my second now... )
What can you tell us about it?
(engine model, how many miles, colour, accessories... )

Did you get a full service history?
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Hello P3 welcome to the forum there's plenty of help on here for you happy camping :thumbsup:
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If you're camping in it you might like to search this site for an Amdro Bootjump...
Oh! Welcome to our place!
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Hi and welcome! I'm from ESSEX too... south east though.
There's loads of great info here Smile
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(20-04-2014, 07:40 AM)Gadgetman Wrote:  Welcome, and congratulations!

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step in the process of solving the problem. ;-)

So, a Mk. I?
(Nothing wrong with a Mk. I. I'm on my second now... )
What can you tell us about it?
(engine model, how many miles, colour, accessories... )

Did you get a full service history?

Hey Gadgetman (awesome name!)
I totally want to me a better car owner than I have been previously, and I'm considering some manner of course to learn the basics. This Belingo is certainly a step up from my previous car which died a terrible death a couple of weeks ago ('02 Micra!).

The Berlingo was ultra cheap and doesn't come without it's issues...
It's a 1900 non turbo diesel (chuggachuggachugga!!!) that's done 95,000, it's metallic green, and has the full length sunroof (non-functioning).
It came with every piece of paperwork ever connected with the thing since time began.

It's been a work van and is a little untidy/ shabby inside & out, but that suits me fine.
The 'issues' include
* Problems with the central locking - it locks and then immediately unlocks itself. I've had this fixed on cars previously at not inconsiderable cost, but since I can work around it, I'm not in a hurry with this one. It is a pain though.
* The sunroof hasn't worked for some time and the previous owner has sealed it shut with silicone (he believed the cable was broken). Again, I'm not sure I'll ever want to fix this - it's not a feature I was looking for especially, and so long as it's watertight it's fine.
* The 'door open' light is haunted and is a neurotic liar. Aren't they always?
* The remote key is thoroughly broken, so I've just got two 'normal' keys. I'm used to that.
* The rear wiper is missing entirely. That needs fixing.
* A prod with a screwdriver is required to unclip the rear seat from the base to lift it vertically after flattening the back rest (make sense?). Since it's safe, I'm not sure I care about this either.

I think that's everything.

According to the seller, it's had "new gates cam belt and water pump kit fitted and a full service, there is a stamp in the book... it's had new rear brake shoes and cylinders and a new exhaust (all apart from the Cat). The last MOT had one advisory for worn discs, so they have also been replaced."

So... there's an introduction to me and my wee van. I'm just finding my way around it still - thanks so much for the welcome!

(20-04-2014, 03:58 PM)OlJeffers Wrote:  If you're camping in it you might like to search this site for an Amdro Bootjump...
Oh! Welcome to our place!

Thanks for the welcome Ol'Jeffers!

I have been excitedly reading loads about the various ingenious ways people have been camping in Berlingos... I *love* reading about people's conversions and adventures!

My basic needs as far as camping goes are:
* No permanent alterations to the vehicle.
* Can't remove rear seats - need to be able to use the for getting there.
* Budget is pretty limited, but I like the challenge of getting inventive!
* Storage of whatever solution I/we come up with when not in use is pretty limited, so I'm looking at something easy to store, or perhaps with dual use (modified storage boxes?)
We're pretty used to roughing it, so I'm not looking for ultimate comfort!
I'm definitely looking at buying some type of awning-y tent-type thing for kids & storage (storage of kids!), and will make another for privacy/ light shelter/ cooking.

I love a project and a challenge!
2010 (B9) Berlingo Multispace XTR HDi 112 - Kyanos Blue
Previously - 2002 (M49) Berlingo Multispace 2.0 HDi Diesel - Arctic Steel
There's two problems with the old ragtop sun roofs.
1. The electricals...
2. The mechanics...

If there' no sound at all when you use the switch the problem is at least partially electric in nature.
Release the switch panel (there's a plastic piece on the shelf above that hides two clips. Remove plastic, poke clips, swing down panel)
One of the wires going to the switch should measure 12V and one or two of the others should be Earth.
If you can't find any voltage, it may be a large white connector that has separated. You may be able to see this if you remove the rubber fairing that's holding the roof liner tight to the roof.
(Just peel it back from the 'hump' t the front)
Then gently pull down on the lining and use a mirror and flashlight to look through the gap.
To get it to open enough to actually reach the connector with your hands you'll need to remove the shelf.
Disconnect the wires from the switch panel.
Unscrew the two sun visors. (Torx screws)
Then the two torx screws found where the switch panel was.
Now it should be possible to pull the liner down enough to reach the connector.

A nasty 'rasping' sound, though, means there's something wrong with the mechanics. Most likely, the grease on the threaded rods has hardened. (of course, in your case, the silicone sealant will also hold the roof from moving)
It can also be that the gears n the mechanism are completely borked, but there's no way of telling without either ripping out the roof liner or moving the roof to an open position...

If the problem is the grease I assume that if one person pulled on the roof at the same time as someone else toggled the switch it should be possible to move it somewhat. And as soon as you get it about 1' back, it should be possible to remove the old grease and apply new.
(Only the front of the roof is actually locked to the threaded rods with threaded nuts. The rest of the crossbars can be pushed back and forth as long as there's some slack in the roof. )
Feel free to try...
And tell me how well it worked as I have this exact problem with my car... ;-)

Why fix the roof?
Because it's there?
Because it's cool...
Because the previous owner couldn't do it...

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