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vibration when accelerating
good day
I really did General Berlingo 1.4i year of manufacture 1997. I changed the clutch kit, all mounts, pivots, arms, shock absorbers, shock absorbers upper bearings, springs, remanufactured driveshafts. After testing the car vibrates when accelerating at 2 and 3 gear, close the throttle if the vibration disappears. I tried to put the other half-axles but the vibration is still there. Silentbolky engine are three new All relevant. Before repairing the car not vibrate. Where did I go wrong? Ci is štapně? Why vibrate? Thank you very much.
Hi Soundlover,
Where does it vibrate - through steering/brake pedal etc?
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
Thank you for your feedback, it vibrates in front and it feel to the floor, the body and the gas pedal, the wheel can feel it too, but less. Everything happens only in a narrow mode at a speed of 20-45 km / h on the 2nd and 3rd gear, the 1st, 4th and 5th gear it does not recognize. The frequency of vibration is the same, only changing its intensity, occurs suddenly and disappear around the speed of 45 km / h, but only when accelerating, When starting really slow with light gas is not so much feel. The first speed stage is also not feel anything. Maybe it's a defective part that I changed .... what should I do and how? Thank you very much.
Are the tyres balanced? Have you lost a balance weight - may be able to see a clean space where it's been.
I'd have suspected the drive shaft joint, but you say you reinstalled the old ones and it still did it.
Have any of the new parts bolts worked lose or not been quite tightened up full?
I'm sure the more knowledgeable will be along shortly.
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
the tires are balanced, I tried both winter and summer vibrations is only rychlosoti 20-40 km/h speed vibration in the other is not. Axles may be defective and new or anything else. Just seems to me that after mounting the new Springs is the ancestor of the car later it can't have that effect?
No one cope? I do not know how to solve. I was in three service stations and found nothing
nemůže vibrace dělat spojka? Myslím spojková lamela? I když je nová můžou to dělat pružiny ve spojkové lamele....?..má s tím někdo zkušenost?
vibrace začínají při rychlosti 30 km/h a postupně se zmenšují a nad 90 km/h již nejsou.

máte někdo prosím jiný nápad co zkontrolovat?

When it is vibrating, if you disengage the clutch does it stop instantly?
když vibruje a uvolním spojku přestane
když vibruje a uvolním plyn přestane
když vibruje vyřadím rychlost přestane
když vibruje a uberu plyn přestane
vibruje jen když přidám plyn - akcelerace 25km/h-80km/h
vibrace začne až při 25 km/h a výše
vibrace postupně končí nad 80 km/h již od 40 km/h se zmenšuje
na volnoběh nevibruje nikdy
při jízdě z kopce bez plynu se zařazeným rychlostním stupněm nevibruje
Because the vibration stops when you push in the clutch, I suspect there is an imbalance in the clutch.

Did you also change the support bearing and front "nose" of the gearbox? On the MA5 gearbox, these pieces are at risk of wear and failure, they are not strong.

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