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Hello from Chester

I've been trawling this forum for a couple of weeks now, getting valuable snippets of info for my latest car. Always fancying being a Blingo owner, I took the plunge three weeks ago, having previously owned a 2.0HDI Picasso for a few years.

I should have held back until I found a Blingo with the same engine, but no, I had the patience of a gnat and plunged in feet first for a 1.9d :justno:, with low mileage being the pull. Tha love hate relationship has passed its honeymoon period now . . .

Love the funky image
Hate the plasticky trim level
Love the Modutop
Hate the lack of mod cons
Love the sliding rear doors
Hate the pop open windows
Love the mass of 12v auxiliary sockets
Hate the lower fuel economy and higher tax band.

There are many pro"s and cons surfacing on a regular basis, but the one that is killing me every day is the serious lack of power compared to my old HDI Confusedillyme:

Even though I'm showing signs of whinging Sad, its not all bad really Big Grin

The broken rear seat locking mechanism is now fixed, thanks to a plastic drain cover ( made a missing internal component and large push button from it)

The two broken modutop rear compartment doors are now sort of back on thanks to a cable tie tip on this forum.

Got a rear quarter window locking catch on order from main dealer - surprisingly cheap at £12.30 including new captive nut and VAT. I was quoted between £20 and £30 from car breakers and the "bay"

Working on a fix to reattach the drivers armrest bracket to the seat frame without welding it.

Got to order a 5 sided Allen key to remove the one citroen roof bar that has been left on when I bought it?

Wow, I can waffle on sorry Rolleyes

Great forum and looking forward to a slow moving relationship with my Blue Slug. I've been practicing my apologetic wave to fellow road users for those long steep hills too!
[fon‌t=Verdana]0 to 60 - be patient, 0 to 100 - not in my lifetime! :eek:
It may be a slow Blue Slug, but it"s the only slow Blue Slug that I own :S[/font]
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Hi & welcome BlueSlug.If it's low mileage,I would put some Forte or millars in the tank.It may just be coked up.Check the inlet manifold for goo.Over 120,000m,check valve clearances.Good luck & let us know how you get on,they were never the fastest thing on wheels but a good plodder nonetheless.:thumbsup::wave:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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Thanks for that Ron, I will look for some of that additive before I go away to a very hilly Pembrokeshire next month! The slug has done 98k, which I consider low mileage against the 180k of the Picasso Smile

I may have just been spoilt with the Picasso performance, but only a de-coke or similar will tell I suppose?

Just found another fault, the rear modutop blower isn't working Sad Need to find the 30A fuse somewhere . . .
[fon‌t=Verdana]0 to 60 - be patient, 0 to 100 - not in my lifetime! :eek:
It may be a slow Blue Slug, but it"s the only slow Blue Slug that I own :S[/font]
Hello Blueslug welcome to the forum less haste more pace good to have you with us :wave:
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

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I think I might be getting used to this engine now Smile
Maybe I wasn't sending the message to the engine clearly enough until now, as today's hilly trip seemed to be quite a pleasant experience, with a full blooded overtaking manoeuvre on a hill! (I did the overtaking Big Grin )
Maybe the ECU is getting used to me and adjusting to the driving conditions that I'm creating?
[fon‌t=Verdana]0 to 60 - be patient, 0 to 100 - not in my lifetime! :eek:
It may be a slow Blue Slug, but it"s the only slow Blue Slug that I own :S[/font]
Welcome to the forum mate..interesting read :thumbsup:
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