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2002 Berlingo Fan not kicking in
Hi all i was wondering has anyone any ideas? Today whilst driving the van i must of covered around 18 miles stop start journeys and whilst on the way home the temp gauge was acting oddly. I was stationary and it started to go down to the white then back up to the middle just general fluctuating but when driving again it reverted back to the normal just under middle position.
I was thinking on it and decided to do some basic checks and after leaving it idle for exactly 10 mins i realised the cooling fan wasn't kicking in and i kept checking the gauge and it was indeed fluctuating constantly when i believe it's at risk of overheating. The fans can move freely so not stuck.

Thanks in advance
it can be only 3 things, fuse, thermostat switch or fan it self,
Thanks do you know where the switch is so hubby can test it as we couldn't find it, hubby has a t reg berlingo and we found it on his radiator L/H side (for reference) but its not there on mine?
Look's like the thermostat opening and shutting making the gauge go up and down only when it get's closer to the red will the fan cut in you could check the wire form the sensor or change the sensor it self just to be safe
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Great thanks hubby said it makes sense but alas we can't find the sensor? on his van its on the L/H side of the rad on mine its blanked off.
Does yours have aircon. If so its by the thermostat
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
No Landmark it doesn't have A/C we just can't find it, we have followed the wires from the rad/fans which go to a black unit via a green plug (not blue on the rad like hubbys) on the L/H wing with a wire then coming off there to the fuse? as we spent far too time looking for the sensor in the wrong place we gave up and couldn't find any diagrams on the net telling us where it is.
it will be on the r/h/s of the engine block, not at the rad,,
Thank you we spotted it finally lol (note to self do not compare to a t reg van) hubby tested all the fuses (i made him) all fine he disconnected the sensor and the fan sprung into life instantly! so hopefully it is a faulty sensor which i will replace tomorrow.
I was just wondering my last berlingo i never ever heard the fan kick in only once whilst stationary for around 25 mins idling on a motorway, as i do stop start local journeys i'm not at risk of damaging it am i by still driving it?
Glad you found it just to be safe keep the fan running it will be ok
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