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tailgate lock
just bought a 2001 berlingo multispace and found out the locks are knacked, passanger lock spins and drivers and tailgate ones don't turn.
took the drivers lock out and squirted with oil but still does not turn so have ordered a pair from ebay for the front locks.
tried to find one for the tailgate but none there just says not suitable for tailgates.
does any one know of any other make of car which has the same type of lock that I can search for instead have tried Peugeot partner and none there.
You can normally fit one of the barrels to the tailgate by swapping the actuation lever (one circlip).

As the locks are made of such feeble material I urge people to get central locking sorted, this saves much wear.
Its normally a worn key that makes the barrels spin...
And addo's right, left / right front and van / multispace rear are all interchangeable by swapping out the colour coded plastic lever held on by a circlip, off the top of me head, white rear, orange drivers and grey are passenger
The key being worn can be a problem on cars and vans without central locking. Most of the time it's the locks themselves that break on these as the sliding carriers are pretty fragile but they are mostly not working because they get bunged up with crap and the pins get stuck. If your up for a fiddle job you can pop off the spring cap and take out the pins. Lay them out in the order they came out and blast the lock with wdwhile rocking the carrier. Then try it with the key to see if it engages and works. After that you need to clean the pins with a needle one by one. After each one put the pin back in and spring and try it with the key to make sure it works and retracts. Then put the spring cap back on and your golden.
Fixed it now front door was a straight swap of the lock tailgate I had to take the old lock insides out and swap it over for the new lock insides.
The old lock barrel was more square then the front locks which are round bit more of a fiddle but at least I can lock it now.

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