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to alloy or not to alloy
hi ..ive a 2004 2.0 hdi desire..running 15 standard wheel,the drive is nice and smooth and it handles ok. ive looked at a set of 17in alloys with 205.45.17in tyres. id like them to smarting up my car but a freind reconds that they will downgrade the ride. ive fitted bigger wheels to other cars in the past and i must say the drive wasnt as good (following white lines ect ) i know there are a lot of guys on here that are running larger some a lot larger alloys .whats your veiws on the larger wheels. thanks.
I know that the idea of alloys is to 'reduce the unsprung weight' and all that, and maybe they look 'cool' too, but personally I find them a pain. They have come ready fitted to a few of the cars I've owned, but unless you're an enthusiastic cleaner and polisher (I'm not), then give 'em a couple of years of muck and salt and they don't look so good. Perhaps you've answered your own question when you mention your previous experience of fitting big wheels? Then again, I'm a crabby old git. Our Blingo has standard steels and plastic trims - still looking good after 3 winters! :o)
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If you like the alloy's fit them it will not make the much difference to the ride just remember the tyre's need a load rating of at least 93 :thumbsup:
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I bought my Berlingo & specified steel wheels.I like a comfortable ride being the wrong side of 21:whistle: Some times the alloys are heavier than steel.Less than 65 A/R I wouldn't touch.Confusedalut:
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Ron is right a lot of aftermarket steels are pretty s**t when it comes to weight. Not to mention it's ridiculously hard to buy what you want as soon as you mention width and offset. This is where banded steels come in.
thanks for your input lads i think ill stick to my steels.
(19-05-2014, 04:53 PM)landcrab Wrote:  thanks for your input lads i think ill stick to my steels.

Looking on the bright side, you can always spend the loot on something else! :thumbsup:
'56 Multispace 1.6HDi - Iron Grey
I Have upgraded from 175/65:14 steels to 205/40:17 recently and find the steering sharper braking better and mad looks but the ride a little worse..
It's the trade off for sure... A. Lower side profile/wall means less flex.

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