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2008 Berlingo test failure HELP!!!!
Hello Im new to this site :lol: Ive a question if any one can help thanks in advance Smile
My Van is 2008 1.6Hdi its just gone threw the test and failed on emissions Smoke (5.58) and said the oil temp was 83. Any Ideas on how to sort the problem??? would fuel cleaner sort the problem????
When did you last change your air filter, oil and filter?
After doing the above,a good fuel system cleaner will certainly help but it can't correct mechanical faults.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Hello again
the filters were changed a friend done a service on it about 3 months ago but i havent a clue if the fuel filter was done,
i dont even know where it is :whistle:the test center man said it should need a fuel cleaner and a long fast spin but should i change the filter just incase?
thanks again
Change all the filters again plus the oil, then just before the test give it a good hard run at high speed
[+] 1 user says Thank You to homeruk for this post
And run it with a heavy dosing of fuel cleaner !!!!! Then keep them crossed.
Fuel filter is on the right hand side of the engine as you look at it, its a square black box about 4" by 4" and its underneath the air ducts.

With the 1.6 hdi you change the filter and its housing.

Don't forget to prime the fuel lines when changed by pumping the priming grenade for about 3 mins, if you have good ears you should be able to hear it filling, if it doesn't start just prime some more.

Forgot to say don't forget to take off the fuel heater off the old filter and transfer it to the new one.
I ALWAYS fill the new fuel filter with Forte diesel conditioner and tip what wont fit in the filter in to the tank....
I don't know if you fellas do this, but i always add half a bottle of 2 stroke oil to a tankful of diesel on my 2.8TDI Shogun. Modern two stroke oil has all sorts of cleaning additives according to the Shogun forum, it seems to work because mine smoked like a chimney when i first bought it, but doesn't now.
Yep 2 stroke is well known for its cleansing properties.

There is a formula to work out how much 2 stroke to put in depending upon the size of your tank

I personally don't bother as I fill up with that nitro expensive fuel every now and again from shell, which is pretty much just regular fuel with all the 2 stroke cleansers and additives in it.

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