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Front brakes become noisy after repeated use
Three months ago I had my front discs and pads replaced on my 2.0 Diesel Desire (2005). Everything was fine until a month or so ago I was driving stop start in traffic for an hour or so and became aware of a noise from my front brakes at the last moment when stopping. I parked the car for most of the day and when I started off again there was no repeat of the noise.

Since then I have noticed that for the first few miles of driving (after any period of being parked for a while) there is no noise at all but then after a period of use the noise returns. If I brake firmly (not overly hard just a good firm press on the pedal) there is no noise at any time. However after say ten minutes of driving or a period of stop start driving in rush hour traffic at low speed the noise comes back when I apply the brakes gently.

It doesn't sound like a work brake pad/disc noise or a metal on metal scraping, more of a rhythmic clank or rubbing noise? It's difficult to describe. My impression is that something is starting to bind after repeated use but I don't know what or why.

The car has just in the last few days passed its MOT and the MOT station said the brakes were fine but I can hear the noise (and so can family members in the car, I'm not imagining it!).

I'm going to take the car back to the garage that did the work (they didn't do the MOT) and can test drive it with them so they hear the noise but would be grateful for any pointers towards what the issue may be from forum members. Thanks :-)
Citroen Berlingo 2.0 HDi Desire 2005
Could be that you have a sticking caliper slider, when the brakes get hot, they start to bind, and hence the noise.
I would str the brake pads out of their holders & check they are free I. The carrier, and then move the sliders, to check they are free.
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