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Fuse No. 25
Evening fellas! I had a slight drama earlier on when my mk1 berlingo cut out completely, I was mortified - nearly bought a tear to my eye. Only had the van a week but then again I did only pay £475 for it. I changed the fuse number 25 and it seemed to work lovely. I'm obviously just a bit worried about it happening again if I was on the motorway etc - I was just wondering what part the fuse no. 25 governs? is this common?... The 'orange key light' flashed and beeped at me when it cut out. I'm new here but i'll try and post as often as I can - Thanks Guys and gals

What engine do you have?
Hello, its a 1.8d

According to Haynes , fuse 25 is 5amp which protects the interior lighting, clock. Aircon , engine control unit

Not sure but it could be an immobiliser issue.

Would the van start before you changed the fuse?
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cheers mate, well when the fuse was blown the interior lights worked (not sure about the clock - didn't look at it ) the fuse I took out was a 10amp and ive just replaced it with another 10amp (only because that's what I took out)... surely a 5amp fuse would not 'cover' the clock, interior lighting, aircon and the enging control unit? the van literally just cut out and it acted exactly the same as though it had ran out of fuel, I found a PDF file for berlingos that said fuse no. 25 was for the fuel pump which would make sense with the way it was acting. It might be a longshot but a few days ago I replaced the head unit but I don't think it would be that - Either way I've took the new headunit out just incase.


Also to add - The fuse blew whilst I was driving it so it started > drove >fuse blew > broken van
Ah good ol Haynes gets it wrong again!

Have you changed fuel filter recently? Put any fuel system cleaner in?

It is possible you shorted something out changing the headunit but I don't see how.

Mil on? Any codes coming up after a read?

Keep head unit out , keep a supply of 10 amp fuses in the van just in case and do a wiring check of the pump just in case there is a corroded cable giving you a short.

Good luck!

P.s. if it doesn't happen again pop the headunit back I'm and see what happens
cheers homeruk, i'll give it a go - i'm also going to take it to a diagnostics garage to get a check over. i'm not going to lie I was a bit worried when I read that the 25 fuse covers the ecu because obviously if it's an issue with the ecu its not really a cheap fix, I'm no mechanic but I am pretty confident that it's something to do with the fuel pump - I'll have it checked by a diagnostics place in a couple of days and post the findings out on here. hopefully it will help someone else out one day, cheers for your replies

The M49 Berlingos had two varieties of fusing. Up to RPO 8600 (about May 2000) they were hardwired and conventionally fused. After this RPO they went to multiplex wiring in a CAN-VAN configuration, which is mostly modern (multiplex) with some circuits still hardwired.

True CAN-CAN came with the B9 Berlingo, possibly the last of the M59s as well.

So the pertinent question is, what RPO is your van?
Hi Addo - i'm not going to lie I have absoloutely no idea :/
Can you maybe take off the air filter housing top and look for moulding dates? These will normally have a half inch circle with two numbers for the year in the centre, and dots around the perimeter counting up to twelve - this is the month.

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