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Inteligent Battery Charger/Conditioner/Minder
Hi all, I don't know if this has been covered before. I have one of these modern battery Chargers, come battery conditioner and battery minder all in one. I mainly use mine for my bike due to irregular use. It's been an absolute god send. It revived a completely dead battery that my old charger said was dead!! 18 months later, the battery is still working. It's really easy as there's a connector on the bike that I can just plug it into. But I used to connect directly to the battery prior to fitting of the connector.

This bike, like my Bingo, does have really sensetive electronics !!

Now my smart charger happens to be a CTEK There a lots of them on the market.

I've read and re-read the instructions and the sales videos and it states "Simply connect directly to your battery. We guarantee it will not damage your vehicle electronics."

Now the £1M question - has anyone done it? I know the manual states to remove the battery before charging. Your thoughts...
I've got the Aldi C-Tek copy, and yes - I've done that. No problems with the Xantia.
Also have aldi copy and yes it was fine although it is easier for me to remove my battery and charge it in the house.

Manuals generally say that so you can't bill them if your electronics do go belly up
I have the Lidl equivalent which was recommended on a thread.I have NEVER removed a battery or lead to charge it.If the ign is off & a good charger is used,I can see no problem.Confusedalut:
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