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Intermittent electrics problem
As a new member I apologise if my problem has been solved previously ( I have done a search but could not find anything) and if it has I would appreciate being directed to the relevant post.

I have a 2006 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi and have had it for a year. It is by far and away the most useful vehicle I have every owned.

About a week ago all the dashboard warning lights stayed on after I started up and remained on. The "stop" light continued to flash as did the reserve fuel level light. None of the dials functioned . All other electrics worked and the vehicle ran normally.

I took it to my garage who cleared the logged faults and lubricated the ignition switch and the fault disappeared. I was asked to use it and see what happens.

I collected my Berlingo yesterday and did a run of 75 miles without any problems this morning. On a couple of occasions the "pump" warning light came on and stayed on when I started up to do short local runs after having completed the long run. It did not stay on every time I started up. On my return journey after about an hour driving all the warning lights came on again whilst I was driving on a motorway and the gauges ceased to function. I drove on and the dials started to work again but showed incorrect readings. The mileage figure which came up was not the correct figure. Eventually the temperature and fuel gauges showed correct readings but the speedometer needle moved randomly.

The small display which usually shows the mileage just shows a series of dashes when the display fault occurs.

On each occasions this fault has occurred the warning lights stayed on for about 5 minutes after I removed the key from the ignition. When they turned off there was an audible click.

When I used the vehicle again tonight I had the same problem except the warning lights all came on and those that flash started to flash as soon as I opened the door and before I put the key in the ignition. I cannot tell if the warning lamps were triggered by the central locking system or by opening the door. My impression is that it was opening the door.

Help please!
Could be your bsi is playing up.

Have you checked to see if you have water in your bsi unit?

Have you attempted a bsi reset to see if that helps?
Thank you for your response. I apologise for having to ask as I feel I ought to know but what is a bsi and where would I find it and how would I reset it

I have discovered what the BSI unit is, what it looks like and how to reset it. This forum is a great resource! Now I just need to find it and check if it is wet!

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