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Power from interior light at front
Seen on some of the mk1/2 guys using the interior light for a usb power
Pulled down the fitting and seen spare plugs on the light cluster or maybe use a splice off few cables to fit towards the windscreen. Anyone got an idea what can be used or not to touch.

Light cluster with spare pins or showing cables.
[Image: 208a6hh.jpg]

Little hole in the liner were im guessing a sensor could be of sorts, or i can stick out a usb extension connector.
[Image: 24zgd1d.jpg]

Not sure why anyone would install USB power there...

A better place to install extra power, whether it's 12V or 5V(USB) would be at the end of the centre console. There it can be reached easily from any seat in the car.
And that's without having wires hanging down and distracting the driver.
I know sounds daft but which bit the centre console.

Was only thinking up there as its out the way, the usb extension can jsut have the end sticking out the gap then have a mini usb cable which can be tucked away or pull out from the usb extension when not in use.
Did this in the feista which ran a wire thought the dash to stick out the right of the dash/drivers corner with extension then mini cable for satnav/phone.
12v was in the cig draw so tucked a cable from under it and back into dash.
As the 12v is in the middle and no easy way to push cable thou dash nor get it out in same area was just looking at different ideas and angles, cleanly.
[+] 1 user says Thank You to Hardnut for this post
I found something on the net that might be of interest...

Note that I suggest you either hook it up to a 12V line that's switched by the ignition, or install a separate switch for items like these. (Not just because of dubious quality, but because these will draw power constantly.)

If you absolutely want to hook it up by thee interior lights, the power for the sun roof is switched by the ignition key. (Can be a bit of a faffle to reach, though)
[+] 1 user says Thank You to Gadgetman for this post
It was an idea really, need to test with phone in the area for viewing if dont like it up there wont try power source.

Thanks for your imput
There is another thread somewhere on forum where someone fitted usb conn at similar location.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
That what I seen, think it was in india, so twas were idea came from.

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