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Electrical fault
Hi my 04 1.9 berlingo enterprise is making a clicking noise when switched off and the key removed it then kills the battery I have replaced the glow plug relay??i am at a loss as to what's going on with it ?any help would be great fully appreciated many thanks.
First thing is have a listen to where the clicking is coming from

If you stick your ear to the end of a piece of pipe like water pipe for example and stick the other end on the part you think is clicking, you can tell very easyily if it is that part.

Does like you have a short in a cable though.
hi thanks for the reply,it appears to be comming from around the throttle area for some strange reason??
(17-06-2014, 07:20 PM)corkie Wrote:  hi thanks for the reply,it appears to be comming from around the throttle area for some strange reason??

Not familiar with the 1.9 , but if it uses the throttle butterfly valve to stop the engine when you turn it off, then it may be that the motor for the valve is contining to run on.

Which will be a faulty motor/valve or dodgy wiring to it.

Hopefully someone will be along shortly to correct me!
Hi again ,im sorry I've just realised this post should be in the mk2 section,perhaps the mods can move it?anyway I've plugged it in to the diagnostic's today and it didn't come up with any faults??i really can't understand what's goin on with it!
Get hold of a 'Mechanics Stethoscope' and listen to different parts in the engine room?
Did you check to see if the butterfly valve stops the engine?

You could always start disconnecting connector plugs on what you think is the faulty part and see if the clicking stops.
Hi as it turns out the battery was too flat for the alternator to recharge,the clicking I've been told is a result of a low batterie ,this poses another problem,what's draining the batteries??where to start??thanks to all who replied.
Am I the only one who thinks that doesnt sound right?

Has fully charging the battery/renewing it stopped the clicking?
[+] 1 user says Thank You to homeruk for this post
I'm not sure I haven't fitted it yet !

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