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Oil leak. What's the part it is coming from
I have just bought a 1.4 2003 berlingo mutlispace
I stupidly jumped at it too quickly after my diesel started sounding like the tappets are going and not wanting anything else but another berlingo.
I got it home it drove nicely and sounded ok but the once Parked on the drive for a while I saw the oil patches under it.
It's leaking from a box above the sump that has 4 bolts on show.
It's quite a steady drip so def needs fixing.
I have cleaned the sump and surrounding areas and can see its def not a cracked sump or anything. I have put a pic up of the box before I cleaned it.
Can anyone tell me what the box is and also what would be causing it to leak so I can get it fixed. Thanks in advance

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I've had a quick look through my Haynes manual but I can't find anything that refers to what that is :-s

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Looks like the bottom of the oil filter housing to me.

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That is the bottom of the oil filter housing, if you trace this "Box" up to where it goes there is a oil filter on top. Some oil filters are under the filter housing cap which can be black plastic, its an easy job to do.

Tools needed.
1)10mm ring and open ended spanner plus 10mm socket set.
2)New oil.
3)New oil filter.
4)New OFH seal kit.
5)Plenty of old rags for any spillage clean up.

1)Jack up front of car & lower onto vehicle supports for safety whilst you are under car.
2)Drain oil from car and remove filter and dispose but keep filter cap if its that type.
3)Remove filter cap O-ring and replace with new which comes with new filter. Smear a bit of clean oil on it to aid ease of replacing.
4)Return sump drain plug once oil has drained.
5)Remove battery negative lead & unplug the oil sensor from connector
6)Tie the top of the OFH UP TO SUPPORT IT FROM DROPPING ON YOU WHILST Using 10mm socket undo any bolts that the socket can fit on to, 2 bolts will not let you get the socket onto them so you will have to use the spanner and a bit of brute force to undo them. When you are ready to undo the last bolt be ready with oil catcher as there will be spillage so take your time with it.
7)Once the OFH is free you can manoeuvre it up and out.
8)There are 2 oil seals one big, one small, check the big one first as this is usually the one that fails. The smaller one is a thick Flat O-ring that is hard to find a replacement for. Change any that look worn or broken.
9)Refit OFH & tighten the 4 bolts & connect sensor.
10)Refit New oil filter, hand tighten.
11)Double check sump plug is tight.
12)Raise car, remove supports and Lower car to ground.
13)Refill with New oil.
14)Attach battery negative lead & Run car for a few minutes, check dipstick oil level & fill until around middle of mark on dipstick.
15)Check for oil leak around OFH/Engine Block mating surface and sump plug & tighten bolts if oil is present .
16)Over the next few days keep checking for oil around mating surface.
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Just another thought, I was informed by a citroen dealer not too long ago that the OFH have a tendancy to warp or crack so check it for signs of both.
Thank you all this is my next job now i know what it is i am looking at Big Grin thanks for all the help its really appreciated as i was totally stumped.

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